Waking Up from the Trance State

A lot of Buddhist teachers (including myself) describe our meditation practice as the tool we use to wake up out of our induced “trance state” of consciousness.  This implies that we have been sleeping all along, and with practice we begin waking up to a more real conscious reality.

That has certainly been my experience.  Before regular meditation, while in this trance state, I experienced people, things, and even the world as more solid, stable, and rigidly held into place according to my perceptions.  There were little to no grey areas and no space.  My reality was also object-focused.

As my practice has deepened, everybody and everything has changed.  Walls, people, and even rocks do not appear completely solid.  Things have become more fluid, dynamic and amorphous.  Reality is constantly ebbing, flowing, and changing, and is experienced more so like from a waking, sleeping dream state.  The “me” has dropped away most of the time, as it too ebbs and flows into and out of existence (could say a lot about this too).  Reality is also more space or emptiness-focused.

Awakening out of the trance state of consciousness into a more dreamlike state of conscious awareness sounds ironic, doesn’t it?

So the question is, what state of consciousness is more real?  Are any of them real?  Or is our experience in varying states of consciousness just a collection of projections created by the mind?




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5 Responses to Waking Up from the Trance State

  1. dominic724 says:

    It sounds like we are in a similar place. Am doing this : http://wp.me/p1QwdP-1DK ( shameless plug ) I have no way to tell whether your question has an actual answer or not, and I wish I did. Looked for th eanswer to the same question for years. Am very surprised am doing the guru thing again, but this time at a distance, and linked through energy and mind. If it leads anywhere, will come to tell you. Good so far. Peace & love, Dominic

    • ronyared8 says:

      Hi Dominic:

      Nice to hear from you. It sounds like the Guru thing is helpful for you right now. It sounds wise to go with where your practice is taking you.

      Intuitively/energetically, it feels like the latter – that all of experience is the end result of the collection of mind-made projections. But since everything is experienced with a “Mind”, even this perception is another projection. The mind is a projection-machine.

      The empty space that permeates all experience feels ripe and pulsating with “real truth”.

      Damn! Words are so inadequate. But, it sounds like you have an idea of what I am very inadequately trying to say……

      Love, R

  2. Thanks for your wonderful post Ronya,

    I like what Nisargadatta said: “When I look deeply within, I find I am nothing (or in Zen no-thing), and that’s wisdom. When I look without, I realize I am everything, and that’s love. My life turns between the two.”
    This doesn’t make sense if we’re fixating on and clinging to outside vs. inside, then the turning isn’t allowed to be free flowing. The world outside and the imaginary ego inside appear solid with a separate existence on their own. What is actual life energy that is the solidifying and the dissolving (the turning) of our human experience?

    How do we learn to live these deep questions as we realize there may be no such ‘thing’ as thought or as mind?

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