Healing Experience

After a lifetime of facilitating unexplained healings starting as a child –

Healing a loved one’s badly burned finger; burning unwanted warts off of her own teenage hand with her other hand; healing her young son’s split open, gaping and profusely bleeding head wound with her hands, etc..

Ronya clearly saw that she was bestowed with a powerful healing gift.

As a youngster experiencing visions and intuitive insights that frightened the life out of her, Ronya was reluctant to finally accept that she inherited the freaky genetics of her two highly intuitive and psychic grandmothers (on both sides).

Driven by her love for people and her desire to help others with her healing and intuitive gifts, Ronya began her healing practice after receiving official training as a Reiki healer in the late 1990’s.  She also completed her master training to become a Personal Life Coach in 2003.  In 2010, Ronya also added Healing Touch Practitioner training to her arsenal of healing modalities.  Like Reiki, Healing Touch is also an integrative energy therapy in which practitioners use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and self-healing process.  She was extremely attracted to learning Healing Touch primarily because of the amazing body of medical research that legitimizes and supports Healing Touch as a highly effective integrative healing therapy.  In fact, Healing Touch is accepted, validated and utilized in many hospitals, medical centers, hospice centers, long term care and integrative health centers, private practices and clinics.

Ronya has performed hundreds of healings over the last decade.  During each healing session, Ronya combines her healing gift, training, intuitive insights, coaching and meditation skills together to facilitate her clients’ physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual healings.

Ronya is also an Ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church and the Church of Spiritual Humanism.