Meditation Experience

In 1985, Ronya Banks was intuitively led to adding meditation to her daily routine, which she continues today.  Initially, she learned and practiced various types of meditation, including:  Spiritual, Chakra Balancing, Body Scanning, and Life Journeying, before discovering and sticking with Vipassana or Insight Meditation.

Besides maintaining a daily minimum of one-hour per day meditation practice, Ronya has also attended numerous (too many to enumerate) long silent Vipassana retreats.  Although, she has received great instruction by over 20 different teachers, Ms. Banks continues her tutelage under the direction of  two primary teachers:

Bhante UJotika

Bhante UJotika:  A Theravada Buddhist monk from Burma, who lives at his monastery – Serenity Insight Meditation Center in Mills River, NC, (and also has the patience of Job), has been painstakingly teaching Ronya, in-person, the classical Buddhist teachings several hours every week.  He has also been generously giving her additional tips to enhance her meditation and life practice.

Pat Coffey

Pat Coffey:  A senior teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville, VA, Pat has been working closely with Ronya to hone her deep meditation practice, with a special emphasis with her moment-to-moment life practice.  Pat has also been teaching Ronya valuable skills to help her be a greater benefit to and more skillfully lead the Asheville Insight Meditation sangha.

As a Meditation Instructor, Ronya works with individuals to guide them with their meditation practice.  She also facilitates mindfulness trainings and events for groups.