Healing Session

We have all heard stories about miraculous healing events.  This is nothing new, as healing stories were told as far back in history as we can imagine.

Ronya Banks feels honored to be a healer. She uses a combination of Healing Touch hands-on healing processes, along with intuition for each client’s highest good and healing possibilities.

What to Expect

You and Ronya will meet at her healing room.  Ronya will ask you many basic, non-threatening questions to complete a thorough personal History Intake Evaluation.   You and Ronya will also set some short-term and long-term goals for your desired healing outcomes.

Then, you will lie down, fully clothed on a clean massage table in her healing room.  Ronya will offer you the option to listen to soothing music during the healing, as well as make sure you are physically comfortable (pillows, props, blankets provided).

Before the healing begins, Ronya says a prayer of protection.  She then invites other Healing Angels, guides or whatever healing energy is available to join and assist her with your healing process.

If you are comfortable with being touched, Ronya will perform most of the healing by placing her hands on various parts of your body.  Sometimes, she will be using her hands off of the body to clear or mend the energy fields outside of the body.  If you’d prefer not being touched, the healing is just as effective with her hands above the body.

No healing experience is the same.  Each one is different and an adventure, in that we never know what is going to happen.  Clients receiving healings have reported anywhere from very strange, amazing, and other-worldly experiences, to simply enjoying a restful nap.  The following are typical things people who have received her healings have reported they experienced during the healing session:

  • “I felt additional hands on my body, even though you weren’t even touching me there at that time.
  • The healing felt incredibly relaxing and soothing.
  • I felt a huge release from a certain area of my body, which felt much better afterwards.
  • I felt as though I was being held in the hands of Christ or Angels.
  • I could feel where your hands were, even when they weren’t touching my body.
  • I saw or heard other beings in the room.
  • I had a nice nap.
  • I just started crying for no reason.
  • I had visions of myself in other times and circumstances.
  • Your hands were pulsating and felt incredibly “hot” or “cold”!
  • The pain simply left my body.
  • I saw a very bright light coming from your hands and/or around your body.
  • I heard a voice guiding me to improve my health and life by …….”
  • And much more.

The actual healing lasts approximately one hour.  You may be lying down on your back, or stomach, or even on your side, depending on your body’s situation that day.  At the end of the healing, Ronya will hold your feet and then release your feet and step back when she is finished.

After the healing is completed, you and Ronya will debrief and she will tell you what to expect for the next 24 hours or so.   She may also give you some suggested homework or action plans to complete before your next session.  Sometimes, the healing angels give Ronya messages to give to you.  If you are open to hearing these intuitive messages, she will relay them to you at this time.

Ronya is very clear that the healing energy is coming through her from some divine, unexplainable source.  This divine source is in charge, and will decide how your healing will progress.

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