Healing Testimonials

Ronya, you have been a blessing to me with the Healing Touch work you have done on my back. As you know my back needed a lot of work, as I had chronic back pain every day. After receiving five Healing Touch sessions from you, I can say that my back is pain free, and continues to be today. Thank you for the work you are doing.

Love, Valerie Dennis


I’ve had the opportunity to experience energy healing from many over the years, yet I’ve been particularly impressed with Ronya’s healing touch technique. Every time she’s worked with me, the experience has given me greater balance in my energy field, clarity in my mind, and renewed energy.

Ronya’s extraordinary intuitive abilities have enhanced my healing
experiences as she has provided loving insight to the situation at hand.

P. Fagan


I first met Ronya Banks in November 2010 at a Level 4 Healing Touch training class here in the Asheville area. She took a liking to me right away, as I offered to help her carry her massage table. The feeling was mutual.

Since then, Ronya has become my closest healer friend. We have traded giving each other Healing Touch sessions over 15 hours, so far. As a healer, she possesses a deep sense of empathy that is, to me, essential in this field.

In our journey as healers, I’ve learned that the healer has to be in a state of ‘higher vibration’ than the client. Many in the healing profession recommend practicing meditation to get to that state of heightened awareness. Ronya has invested quite a bit in that area. It is an indication that she is serious about her profession.

I always look forward to working with her, since I always come out of a session feeling refreshed, as if I’ve just gotten my batteries charged. She is sensitive and very insightful to one’s personal issues. I know she’ll go far as a healer.

Ron Harris – HTPa