Meditation Instruction

Ronya offers personal instruction for both new and experienced mindfulness meditation practitioners.

For beginners who would like to experience the many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits resulting from a regular mindfulness meditation practice, she offers appropriate instructions and guidance to hone meditation skills and also to avoid common practice misperceptions and pitfalls.

She also works with experienced meditators who wish to deepen their practices,  and/or learn to skillfully deal with the all-so-common meditation hindrances.  Every meditator, no matter how experienced, can benefit from the direction of an experienced meditation instructor.


Although numerous mindfulness instruction videos and audio recordings abound, they cannot even come close to supporting one’s meditation practice the way an experienced meditation instructor can.  Every meditation practitioner can benefit from working with a teacher – regularly.  This allows the teacher to get to deeply know and understand you, your goals, and your meditation practice.  Plus, a good instructor can help you navigate through many potential confusions and decisions regarding: the many meditation skills and tools to use, which are only appropriate at particular junctures in one’s sitting practice, and there are so many confusing and multi-layered nuances to uncover and explore, and on and on.  Depth in practice can best be facilitated with the guidance of a personal meditation instructor.

Whether it is with Ronya or some other instructor, please do engage regularly with a meditation instructor.

A Typical Session

Your personal meditation session will take place either in-person at the location you and Ronya agree upon ahead of time, over the telephone, or via skype.  It will include discussion, meditation, feedback and guidance.

First, you and Ronya will discuss your recent meditation practice.  Then, the two of you will meditate together.  Afterwards, the two of you will engage in more discussion, wherein Ronya will answer any of your questions, as well as provide additional meditation instruction, directions or suggestions for your continued personalized practice.


There is no specific fee requirement for these sessions.  Donations (dana) are accepted in exchange for Ronya’s time and expertise.  Donation amounts typically range between $50 to $100 per session.

Get Started

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